You can earn the PMI’s PMP certification—largely considered the gold standard in the industry—with only a high school diploma. However, to qualify, you must have 60 months of professional project manager experience, while bachelor’s degree-holders only need 36 months. You also need either CAPM certification or 35 hours of professional development courses in project management.

  • The largest metropolitan areas may have their own licensing boards, and require superintendents in their cities to be licensed before taking on jobs there.
  • Many project managers have a degree in business, computer science, or an industry-related field.
  • They understand what happens on the job site and how project success happens.
  • Whether you’re interested in construction, architecture, fashion, design, computer science, robotics, or something else entirely, chances are you’ll be able to use project management skills in your career.
  • Individuals who work in specialized design services earn an average salary of $75,850.

That way, you can eventually be a project manager AND work in a field that you love. Projects happen everyday in the wild, so do what you enjoy and be ready to apply your organizational and leadership skills when the situation presents itself. Technical skills require how to become a project manager knowledge of a specific piece of software or equipment. This could also mean knowing the process of a specific methodology, such as Scrumor Agile methodology. Coursera’s editorial team is comprised of highly experienced professional editors, writers, and fact…

Why pursue a career in project management

Analysts project that the number of available project manager jobs may reach 88 million worldwide by 2027 [2]. This growth will likely be most significant in industries that already account for the greatest number of project managers. This includes health care, information services and publishing, and utilities.

how to become a project manager

In that case, you know exactly what you need to focus on to gain the experience you need to become a more well-rounded project manager. Whether you want to improve your PM skills on the job or make it official with a certification, here’s what you need to know. Procore is committed to advancing the construction industry by improving the lives of people working in construction, driving technology innovation, and building a global community of groundbreakers.

Guide to Becoming a Project Manager

Whether it’s a role you’d like to move into or you’re simply looking to brush up on your project management skills, we’ve got some tools and tips to help. If you have excellent leadership and problem-solving skills, you may thrive in a project management role. They also develop strategies to mitigate risks during the project completion timeline. By the very nature of the work, project management roles are often temporary. Exactly what this looks like will depend on your needs and personal approach to learning.

  • We know you’ll be juggling a lot of plates when you’re managing a project, that’s why Mo makes it so easy to give your teams the encouragement they need.
  • They may also have suggestions or particular project management courses that they feel might be the right choice for you.
  • Those who choose to declare an industry-specific specialization will also likely see a positive career impact.
  • You also can reach out directly to companies or your current employer to find out if they have project management jobs available.

Another option is to earn a degree related to the industry you want to work in, such as engineering, marketing, or business administration. This degree, combined with management experience, can be helpful when you begin applying for positions. Many project managers get their start in non-managerial roles and work their way up to project manager as they take on more responsibilities. A software development project manager, for example, might start out as a software developer, and a construction project manager might have some experience as a civil engineer.

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