Diving Tulum

Cenotes Tulum

Tulum is famous for its pyramid in front of the beautiful beaches where the sea is turquoise blue, crystal clear water ideal for both those who start diving and those who already practice diving. Diving Tulum is an extraordinary experience.

Diving Tulum

Tulum Diving

In Tulum, certified divers will explore coral reefs or discover new sensations with cave diving in the cenotes of Tulum and the Riviera Maya. An experience that we will remember as well as diving with bull sharks.

Tulum Cenotes Diving

In the Yucatan Peninsula there are no rivers, not as we normally know them, all rivers are underground. The Peninsula is a great sponge where rivers flow underground, rivers of water as clear as in no other place you have seen. This underground world was seen by the ancient Mayans as the underworld, the Xibalba, and the cenotes were the windows to that world.

If you travel through the Yucatan Peninsula and you do not know a cenote, your trip will be incomplete, you must enjoy at least one of these wonderful places where the combination of water and light form one of the most beautiful landscapes you have ever seen.

If you are a diver, we invite you to make, according to your experience, one of the best dives of your life, a dive that we assure you will be unforgettable. And if you are not a diver, we will still take you to discover snorkeling these wonderful places between stalactites and stalagmites.

Diving Cenotes Tulum

Diving in a cenote is like floating in another world, swimming on a turquoise planet steeped in history and sacred. Its cathedrals of stalactites and stalagmites submerged in pure and crystalline water are like a work of art.

Accessible to certified divers (Level 1 PADI Open Water Diver), cavern diving can only be enjoyed here in the Riviera Maya… Non-divers will be able to explore the cenotes while snorkeling.

According to the cenotes visited, you will observe thousands of limestone formations: stalagtites, stalagmites, columns, fossils, prehistoric bones and endemic species! Live the incredible experience of the halocline (natural line that forms between sea water and fresh water). One of the best dives in the world … exclusively in Diving Tulum, Quintana Roo.

All year round at 24 degrees, the crystal clear water of the cenote is an oasis of freshness in the tropical heat.

Casa Cenote

This is the perfect dive after a long time without diving or if you are a beginner and want to adjust your skills before cavern diving. We start with the Casa Cenote also called Manatí, this cenote is the exit to the ocean of the largest underwater cave system in the world: Sac Actun. Crystal clear fresh water flows between mangroves and ocean water. You can see a lot of life, both freshwater and saltwater, like blue crabs, tarpon, young barracuda, snappers, snook, and small flounder.

The combination of fresh and salt water allows us to appreciate the halocline during our dive. For a second dive, we go to Dos Ojos to dive in one of the most beautiful sites: the Barbie line. Visibility is amazing at Dos Ojos and this site has large columns and beautiful light inputs. Is
each time the cavern passes through thousands of stalactites and stalagmites.

Cenote Dos Ojos

Dive into the world’s largest underwater cave system. It is the perfect place to begin to know the world of the cenote and cave diving. Here you can do 2 completely different dives. The first dive with large columns and beautiful light inputs. The second incredibly decorated “bat cave” is one of the best places for diving Tulum.

Tajma Ha

For many of the guides, Tajmaha is their favorite site, the spectacular light inputs change throughout the year, so you can see a different place depending on the season.

In spring and summer we can appreciate the “points of light”, small entrances of light that look like laser beams in the middle of the darkness; during the fall and winter these “spots” disappear, but we can enjoy the light over the “Cenote Sugar Bowl”. Fantastic decorated.

El Pit

According to the standards, we started with the deepest dive: The Pit. Both sites are in Dos Ojos Park, with about 3 km of distance between them. It is very difficult to say which is the most beautiful cenote, but a Pit is a magical place. Imagine: the sun’s rays penetrate up to 90 feet / 30 meters colliding with a thin white cloud.

Beneath ancient human and animal bones are resting since the last ice age (between 8 and 12 thousand years ago). We do a multilevel dive and our deepest point is 100 feet / 34 meters.

Cenote Angelita

If you talk to someone who has already dived Angelita, they will remember it as one of the most surprising and interesting places, it is an unforgettable dive. If you search for Angelita on the web, you will find many fans. We descend to 90 feet 30 meters (like a free fall) to find a dense white cloud where it can be seen as an island with some trees. After seeing the cloud, you think “this is the bottom”, but no! It’s just the beginning, we cross it; you can see how you and the divers disappear into the cloud … to find crystal clear water after that. You want to try?

Scuba Diving Tulum

Diving in the cenotes of the Riviera Maya is a unique experience that attracts divers from all over the world. These are flooded underground rivers that the ancient Maya believed to be the entrance to the underworld.

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