Nonprofit+ has built-in training features to get you caught up and used to using the program. But it is limited to nonprofit bookkeeping; however, it doesn’t let you manage contributions or refund expenses. FinancesOnline is available for free for all business professionals interested in an efficient way to find top-notch SaaS solutions. We are able to keep our service free of charge thanks to cooperation with some of the vendors, who are willing to pay us for traffic and sales opportunities provided by our website.

In addition, Zoho Books integrates with several other business applications, making it a good choice for businesses that use multiple software programs. The interface is clean and easy to navigate, and the software includes helpful tutorials to get users started. PayPal payments incur 2.2% + 30 cents per transaction, and Stripe payments incur 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction. Donorbox costs $45/month for organizations that raise between $1,000 – $3,000 per month, and $150/month for organizations that raise up to $10,000/month. Pricing for DENALI FUND is customized based on the modules and functionality your organization needs. The system generally starts around $1,999 per user as a locally installed, one-time purchase.

Looking for a fully integrated (all-in-one) option will be the better long-term option to avoid integration issues and paying multiple software vendors a month. NPOs are responsible for keeping detailed records of their donations, funding sources, and earnings. Without meticulous recordkeeping, NPOs can be subject to audits, fines or other legal consequences. Nonprofit accounting features enable NPOs to fully manage their sources of funding, ensuring every dollar and donor is accounted for while their accounts are accurate through proper bank reconciliation.

The Sage Foundation also provides a 50% discount on subsequent user licenses. However, if your organization has more complex requirements than what the free package offers, the paid subscriptions are affordable still and would not break the bank. Yooz provides nonprofits the unmatched simplicity, mobility, and traceability that it is known for. It allows users to capture data seamlessly and automatically syncs with the master data, eliminating the need for manual updates that are also prone to human error.

Budgeting and Financial Control

We help your organization save time, increase productivity and accelerate growth. Some also offer other unique functions, such as the ability to connect and communicate with volunteers. Nonprofits that rely on volunteers might appreciate being able to use the same app to find people who are willing to help out at different events.

  • These companies encounter a variety of financial obstacles that require accountability and transparency.
  • By leveraging automated data entry and bookkeeping, we free up time for our professionals to focus on in-depth analysis and provide valuable insights for your ecommerce business.
  • The right nonprofit accounting software will address all of an organization’s accounting needs.
  • Xero integrates seamlessly with many business apps so that you get to enjoy additional functionalities in a single solution.

When choosing accounting software, consider the needs of your organization and the experience of the person who will be handling accounting for your organization. Smaller organizations and volunteer-led groups will likely be better off with free or low-cost options that are streamlined, simple, and offer basic accounting functions. Financial Edge is a product released by Blackbaud, a leading software company that caters to nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, and healthcare facilities. However, it’s important to keep in mind that free tools may have limited features or may not be as user-friendly as paid tools. Overall, Wave is a good option for small nonprofits that are looking for an affordable and easy-to-use accounting solution. However, it is important to note that Wave does not have all of the features that you may need, and its free support is limited.

Take Advantage of Easy-to-Use Systems

These systems provide built-in controls and help to ensure accurate financial recording, mitigate risks, and facilitate audits. Nonprofits may be subject to audits by external auditors or regulatory agencies. Nonprofits must always comply with a variety of legal and regulatory requirements, like tax laws, accounting standards, and reporting obligations.

QuickBooks Online Advanced

Custom software solutions save time for nonprofits by performing the exact tasks necessary to run your NPO. Automation tools from these solutions fill out tax forms, track donations, or simply check your bank account all from one source. If your organization is larger, has hundreds of donors, or accepts a significant amount of online payments, you likely need a more robust program and will need to pay more money for accounting software.

Financial Statements

The best accounting software programs all provide similar features, so when considering which one is best for your business, you need to consider which features are the most important to your situation. Other features you may want to consider include whether the software has a mobile app, how good its customer service is and how well it does with accounts receivable (A/R) and financial reporting. The ability to use nonprofit accounting software easily is our key factor here.

How We Evaluated Nonprofit Accounting Software

Many nonprofits struggle to obtain valuable financial information due to outdated accounting software. Discuss common problems and provide solutions for overcoming these challenges, emphasizing the importance of accurate financial data in decision-making. The nonprofit sector has traditionally relied on older financial management software systems. These systems were not designed for the always-connected world we live in today. Nonprofits that continue to use these outdated software solutions face a range of challenges. Accounting tool Xero has grown in popularity among small businesses, offering robust tools that are designed to meet the requirements of growing companies.

These solutions grant nonprofit organizations the flexibility and scalability they need to adapt quickly to changing circumstances. Nonprofit+ is fund accounting software with many optional modules for nonprofits. Expense monitoring and tracking app Zoho Expense brings the gift of automation to all processes relevant to expense management.

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